TSRgrowTM light bars are designed for all horticulture lighting needs: Greenhouse, grow containers and modules, grow rooms/plant factories, vertical farming, hydroponic and aquaponics grow facilities. Whether you are growing Leafy Greens (lettuce, basil, kale, tomato, cucumber, strawberry, other), Cannabis, or any range flowers, you’ll benefit from Tier-1 LEDs. These superior LEDs are critical for long life and consistent spectral color output for PAR values that meet the growing recipes for different plant types.

TSRgrow light bars can be used for top lighting, supplemental lighting and vertical lighting. Configurations allow daisy chaining to facilitate easier installation, low profile mounting for space conservation in vertical farming, interlighting for vine or tall growth plants and uniform light converge for high PFFD.

intelliGROWTM for TSRgrow light bars provides options that include smart recipe management for spectral lighting coverage during the complete grow cycle. Complete recipe development can be tuned and replicated from grow to grow, facilities can be set up as a unit or sub-units to be phased into the continuous production schedule from germination, seedlings, vegetation, flowering, harvesting to inspection, cleaning and repurposing for the next crop. No details go unattended and yield quality can be optimized. intelliGROW can integrate all key operations from other subsystems: HVAC, temperature, alternate energy systems like solar or heat pumps, humidity, CO2, air velocity, DLI, height control for lights to canopy to maintain optimal coverage, water and nutrient batch up, security and tracking systems.


Flowering A19 Lamp

• Mercury free, shatter proof

• Ideal for greenhouse flower cultivation



•  Central greenhouse monitoring and control

• Temperature, humidity, CO2, DLI, vegetative grow height,
   camera Inspection

• On/Off/Dimming Control of lighting systems

• Local control, no cloud required

• Available on any mobile and web enabled device

High Power Linear Cannabis Grow Bar

• Spectrums targeted for Cannabis growing in

  both Vegetation and Flowering

• Over 2.5 umol/W

• Available in 100W and 150W configurations

• Available in daisy chain configurations or

  with central PowerBox™ control

• Available integration into GrowHub™


Greenhouse Area Flood Light

•  HPS 750W replacement

•  800 PAR @ only 400W

•  Full spectrum HPS replacement delivering the

   spectrum needed for optimum greenhouse vegetative     

•  Available integration into GrowHub™


T5/T8 Grow Tube Lamp

•  Plug and play, ballast compatible, direct replacement for T5

•  Ideal for seedling and early vegetative plant growth

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©2017 TSRgrow, Inc.  •  60 Alhambra Rd, Suite 1   Warwick, RI  02886