Data Driven Solutions

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The Power to Grow

  • Remote Power Servers
  • Built in controls
  • Centralized maintenance
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Superior Lighting Solutions

2700 μmol/s

1000 W

Full Spectrum

TotalGrow Solutions



Increase yield with custom humidity, thermal management and Carbon Dioxide control


Highest efficiency remote power servers located outside the grow area.


High DLI LED Top Light grow fixtures for Vertical, Indoor and Greenhouse applications


Monitor, Record, Compare data from Key Performance Indicator sensors to optimize yield results.

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Grow Lighting Solutions

Fully Integrated Lighting

Your grow facility includes Environment, Fertigation, CO2, Energy, Management and Lighting. It's part of your Master Recipe. Our LED lighting is integrated into your system and never treated as a stand-alone Solution

Indoor / Vertical

  • Upgradable Power
  • Plug and Play
  • Tunable Power

Indoor / Greenhouse

  • Remote Power
  • Full plant spectrum
  • Passive Cooling

Grow Management Solutions

Calendar-Based Scheduling

Secure Local On-Site

  • Real Time Data Analytics
  • Cloud Based Record Storage
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  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Energy and Performance
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Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Area / Zone Control

Integrate Every Element of your Grow

Data Logging and Analysis

Remote Power Servers

  • Upgradeable Power Server
  • Plug and Play
  • Tunable Power

Grow Power Solutions

Benefits of Remote Power Servers

  • Highest Efficiency Remote Power
  • Remove unnecessary heat from grow area
  • Eliminate Ballast replacement
  • Centralized maintenance

Grow Environment Solutions

Master Recipe

Think NO MOLD, best growth and high yield. TSRGrow's Total Recipe revolves around creating the perfect environment for each stage of any grow.

By integrating Carbon Dioxide, Humidity, Light, Thermal Management, Fertigation and more, TSRGrow's environmental solutions are unmatched in grow success and ease.

Sensor Integration

With a Total Grow Solution, you have the ability to integrate your preexisting equipment, sensors and controls to create a fully automated system. Create detailed records based on potentially endless years of growth record to improve automation and yield.

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