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Cultivating Success: Grow West's Journey with TSRgrow's Advanced LED Lighting Solutions and HarvestPRO Cultivation Containers

As Maryland's leading independent cannabis cultivator, Grow West is deeply committed to cultivating pure, healing plants that nurture the mind, body, and soul. With a strong focus on sustainability and organic growing practices, they take great pride in producing high-quality, pesticide-free products that are completely natural. Their decision to partner with TSRgrow to expand their operations marked a significant milestone in their journey towards innovation and excellence.


In 2018, Grow West began their journey with five large grow rooms using traditional HID lighting. Understanding the importance of keeping up with cutting-edge technology, Director of Cultivation Andrew Valois and his team sought advanced growing solutions for their expansion. As one of Maryland's original cannabis license holders, Grow West set out to lead the industry.


Their next phase involved constructing five large greenhouses, spanning 30-40,000 square feet of canopy, as a pivotal step in their growth strategy. Embracing innovation, the Grow West team made the decision to incorporate TSRgrow’s advanced LED lighting solutions with remote power technology. The results were truly impressive, as the advanced LED lighting not only increased overall efficiency but also enriched terpene production and boosted yields. This marked a significant departure from their previous setup with HID lighting in the grow rooms.

TSRgrow has contributed to our success in a number of ways. First, we get significantly higher terpenes with their LED lighting solutions. Second, their lighting is superior to their competitors. Third, the level of customer service is top notch and unmatched in any company I've ever dealt with. When we call TSRgrow, we instantly get someone to pickup the phone, and sometimes it's still the owner! Those are three big things that we rely upon as growers and TSRgrow has us covered." - Andrew Valois, Dir. of Cultivation, Grow West Cannabis Company.


During the third phase of their operations, Grow West transformed a large warehouse on their property into a container grow facility to accelerate their market entry. This conversion involved twenty-five HarvestPRO cultivation containers, creating around 20,000 square feet of canopy growing with two tiers in each container. Their primary challenge was effectively managing the climate and eliminating microclimates. They discovered that smaller, uniform climate zones were much more efficient than larger grow rooms. The integration of TSRgrow's advanced LED lighting solutions in their cultivation containers played a pivotal role in overcoming these obstacles, providing them with the capability to monitor their environment using wireless sensors and control the conditions using their GROWHub Software.


TSRgrow's comprehensive cultivation solutions, encompass not only lighting but include remote power, crop steering with lighting, advanced zone control, advanced master recipes and environmental monitoring and control, have been crucial in their journey towards success.


Currently, Grow West is achieving remarkable results, yielding 150kg of premium flower per container annually in their container grow alone. This figure does not include the output from their greenhouse and outdoor cultivation spaces. By transitioning to TSRgrow's energy-efficient lighting solutions with remote power, monitoring, and control, Grow West not only optimized their operations but also secured a significant energy efficiency rebate of $1 million. TSRgrow's cutting-edge lighting technology not only enhances yields and quality but also ensures that customers like Grow West receive enhanced incentives through the utilization of remote power and advanced controls.




This showcase highlights the successful partnership between Grow West and TSRgrow, showcasing the significant progress and efficiencies achieved through TSRgrow’s innovative growing technology and exceptional support.


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