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Coastal Healing's Journey with TSRgrow's Advanced LED Lighting with Remote Power and Adaptive Control

Located in Westport, MA, Coastal Healing is dedicated to achieving excellence in cannabis cultivation. They have partnered with TSRgrow and fully embraced their advanced LED lighting solutions resulting in remarkable outcomes. In this customer spotlight, Dylan Morin, Head of Cultivation at Coastal Healing, shares insights into their partnership with TSRgrow as their lighting partner.


Coastal Healing has built a reputation for consistently producing top-quality strains that exceed industry standards while prioritizing sustainability and minimizing energy consumption. To enhance their cultivation methods, they turned to TSRgrow's advanced LED lighting solutions, which offer a combination of advanced features and energy efficiency.

Step inside their impressive vertical cultivation facility, spanning 14,000 square feet with a canopy area of 10,000 square feet, here plants are grown on multiple levels. Coastal Healing faces challenges related to microclimates and the cultivation of different strains with distinct environmental requirements. However, TSRgrow's GROWHub Software provides a solution. By strategically placing wireless sensors throughout their rooms, they effectively monitor CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature. GROWHub's Adaptive Control allows Coastal Healing to have precise control over light intensity, duration, and spectrum, ensuring optimal light conditions for their crops at every growth stage and for every strain.


One of the standout advantages of TSRgrow's LED lighting system is its remote power capability, which extends beyond temperature control. Coastal Healing has experienced a significant reduction in issues related to ballasts by transitioning to TSRgrow's advanced LED lights. The need for frequent ballast replacements has been eliminated, resulting in cost savings on maintenance and streamlining of the cultivation process.


On Independence Day, TSRgrow contacted us to alert us that our lights had been inactive for an extended period due to a power surge we were unaware of. Thanks to TSRgrow's timely notification, we were able to avert any potential crop loss. Without their vigilant monitoring of our facility, the outcome could have been detrimental to our crops! - Dylan Morin, Coastal Healing, Westport, MA


The decision to switch from HPS to TSRgrow LED lighting was driven by the remarkable improvements observed in various aspects of cultivation. Not only do TSRgrow lights enhance the vibrancy of colors during the flowering stage, but they also contribute to the production of higher terpenes and TAC, resulting in superior flower quality. The precise spectrum and intensity provided by TSRgrow lights play a pivotal role in optimizing terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring a full-flavor profile in the cultivated flowers. Coastal Healing's exceptional strains recently earned them First Place in the Terpinolene category at the Harvest Cup competition, further solidifying their reputation in the industry.


The utilization of TSRgrow LED lights has revolutionized Coastal Healing's cultivation process, leading to the production of more robust and flavorful flowers. Additionally, TSRgrow's 24-hour monitoring service has proven invaluable in preventing potential disasters. For instance, during a recent power surge on a major holiday, TSRgrow promptly alerted Coastal Healing that their lights had been inactive for several hours, enabling them to rectify the issue without significant consequences for their crops.


Coastal Healing's decision to adopt TSRgrow's innovative technology has greatly aided their cultivation endeavors, and we eagerly anticipate their future successes. Thank you for joining us in exploring this remarkable facility and gaining valuable insights into the power of TSRgrow's advanced LED lighting solutions. To learn more about Coastal Healing, please visit their website at


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