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High Tide Organic's Sustainable Journey with TSRgrow Avanced LED Lighting Solutions

High Tide Organic has been cultivating a commitment to organic, living soil practices since 2016 in the state of Maine. Skip Sullivan and his team, driven by a passion for sustainability, has made it the cornerstone of High Tide Organic's business and cultivation style. Embracing a perpetual soil system and a living soil cultivation approach, they focus on building intricate networks of beneficial microbes below the surface, mirroring the complexity of outdoor soil in a carefully controlled indoor environment.


In an industry notorious for its environmental impact, High Tide Organic stands out for its dedication to sustainability. Recognizing the importance of making sustainability integral to their business DNA, they sought to minimize their carbon footprint by managing and preserving resources like electricity, water, and other consumables used in their commercial cannabis cultivation process.


As the founders were building the framework for their business, they knew they needed to transition from traditional High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting to more energy-efficient LED lighting. Enter TSRgrow, a recommendation from another company and a connection through Efficiency Maine. From the initial meeting, it was evident that TSRgrow was not just a lighting supplier, but a strategic partner aligned with High Tide Organic's principles of sustainability.


"With TSRgrow, we knew quickly we were getting so much more expertise beyond the lights. We found a real strategic partner that would help us scale the business while adhering to our core principles of sustainability," says Skip Sullivan.


The TSRgrow lighting system proved to be a game-changer for High Tide Organic. The remote power system not only powers the lights but also eliminates the heat associated with traditional lighting, leading to significant savings on HVAC costs and increased overall efficiency.


"The GrowHub software allows us to dial in an environmental recipe for a room from beginning to end. It’s really both data collection and robust controls to put that data to work for you," - Skip Sullivan, Owner, High Tide Organic


One of the pivotal components of TSRgrow's offerings is the GROWHub Software. Skip highlights its significance, stating, "GrowHub allows us to dial in an environmental recipe for a room from beginning to end. It’s really both data collection and robust controls to put that data to work."


As High Tide Organic looks to the future with an ongoing expansion, their mission extends beyond cultivation. They aim to educate consumers on the importance of organics and emphasize that how products are produced matters just as much as what is produced. Leveraging their relationship with TSRgrow, High Tide Organic walks the sustainability talk, positioning themselves as responsible stewards of resources in an industry that is increasingly crowded.


In a world where environmental responsibility is paramount, High Tide Organic and TSRgrow exemplify how collaboration and innovation can lead to a greener, more sustainable future for the cultivation industry. To learn more about High Tide Organic, please visit their website at


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