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Norman K is Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Cannabis Cultivation


Advanced LED lighting solutions allowed us to achieve high quality at low production costs


Norman K is one of the largest cannabis cultivators in the state of Maine also expanding in Vassar, Michigan. “In Michigan we are using cutting edge technology solutions including advanced LED lighting and monitoring solutions by TSRgrow,” says Cliff Miller, President of Norman K and CEO of Canapa Valley Farms in Vassar, Michigan. However, before they got that point there were hurdles to get through.


“One of the greatest challenges of large-scale cannabis cultivation is the ability to scale,” says Cliff. “Transitioning from small to large scale to an industrial-sized cultivation facility is a beast of its own” Norman K was inspired by the way Dutch growers operate greenhouses. “The Dutch approach their operations in terms of cost production and efficiency. That is why we are going with a hybrid greenhouse rather than an indoor facility. It’s the best of both worlds”


“We are looking at this like an environmental science project. We are identifying environmental conditions and have been following that from the beginning. One-size-fits-all solutions do not exist and we wanted to go for low production costs with quality products. TSRgrow advanced LED lighting solutions with remote power server technology was one way to achieve this.”


Norman K and TSRgrow have a history of collaboration and mutual trust between them. “TSRgrow was a young company when we selected them as our supplier the first time around and LED lighting was still a novelty in horticulture,” Cliff continues. “We were impressed by the figures they presented compared to HPS lighting, it was amazing. We decided to take our chances and use TSRgrow LED lights in our entire facility. It was a big leap of faith, but it paid off greatly. From an energy perspective, compared to other cultivation facilities, what we pull from the electric meter is quite small. From a cultivation standpoint, TSRgrow advanced LED lights are dimmable to such an extent that it allows us to perfectly control the growth of our plants while ensuring that each plant expresses its full genetic potential.” And given the great results Norman K has achieved in Maine with this strategy, they have decided to expand on that in the state of Michigan.


“Our entire facility in Michigan will be installed with TSRgrow advanced LED lighting, he says. During the design phase, they are a phenomenal partner. They gave us a wonderful layout of their lighting system which was a big help with our electrical team. The real benefit for the cultivator is that the ROI of the system is tangible and environmentally sustainable. TSRgrow’s advanced LED lighting with remote power servers remove all ballast heat from the grow room and provide full monitoring and control of the power and lighting for unparalleled control and operating cost reduction."

Growing Cannabis Sustainably


TSRgrow’s advanced LED lighting solutions have allowed Norman K to take their sustainability a step further in their Vassar, Michigan facility. “In Michigan, we also recycle and reuse CO2 in the facility, says Cliff. This was possible thanks to TSRgrow, as well as the groups they partner with, such as Priva and Logiqs; when they are brought together, you can be sure to have the most energy-efficient facility available.”


Cliff would like to see the attention to detail approach throughout the industry. “I come from a finance and compliance background, says Cliff. I would like to see everybody understand and apply best practices to the entire industry and to put out high-quality cannabis." Producing quality cannabis at an affordable price is exactly the vision Norman K has had since its inception. TSRgrow has helped make that vision a reality not only in Maine but coming soon in Michigan.


Taking all of the ballasts out of the flower rooms and putting them into a true IT server room really makes you feel you are doing right by your plants and your facility. We don't run big AC units and we don't have a lot of overhead costs. It's mostly due to the fact that our TSRgrow LED lights don't put off any heat and we can control everything from an isolated room that is designed to do that. - Cliff Miller, President, Norman K


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