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Paul's Boutique of MaineWindham, Maine

Learn how TSRgrow Advanced LED Lighting helped Paul's Boutique earn the largest energy efficiency rebate in the state of Maine.


Join us in the grow at Paul's Boutique of Windham, Maine. Founded in 2015, Paul's Boutique has grown into one of Maine's leading cannabis cultivators. Owner Shaw Dwight and his team have many years of cultivation experience and bring the best quality products to market. Paul's has been recognized through several industry awards and operates a zero-waste facility.


Today we take a behind the scenes look at this new state-of-the-art cultivation facility. Join us as we speak with owner Shaw Dwight about growing with TSRgrow advanced LED lighting solutions. How TSRgrow's remote power server technology removes the ballast heat from 300 plus lights out of his grow room and into a separate server room saving the facility on costly HVAC. Paul's also received the largest energy efficiency rebate from Efficiency Maine due to the sustainability of the TSRgrow advanced LED lighting solution.


Let's join Paul's Boutique in the grow room to learn more!

We chose TSRgrow LED lighting solutions. The TSRgrow lights have a couple of different features we liked. Our favorite feature was the remote power servers. All the drivers and ballasts are outside of the grow room in a server room eliminating excessive heat inside our flowering rooms. It's really easy to service and maintain.


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