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Rugged RootsPortland, Maine

Revolutionizing Cannabis Cultivation: Rugged Roots' Journey with TSRgrow's Advanced LED Lighting


Join us at Rugged Roots a Veteran-owned, Maine-based company that is dedicated to providing premium cannabis products for both adult use and medical dispensaries around the State including its own Sinsemilla and Rugged Roots Trading Post stores.  Since their founding five years ago they have become Maine's  largest and most reputable grower and distributor due to the desire to cultivate a unique experience from seed, to sale, to home. Through dedication, passion and grit, they are pushing the plant forward and setting the bar for consistent, quality cannabis.


Today, we take you inside their state-of-the-art cultivation facility for this customer spotlight, where owner Ryan Richards shares insights on their switch from traditional LED lighting to TSRgrow's advanced LED lighting with remote power at their newest cultivation facility in Portland, Maine. Their decision to make this switch was driven by the desire to enhance efficiency, productivity and ultimately to deliver an even more exceptional product for their valued customers. With TSRgrow's remote power server technology, Ryan and his team have experienced a profound transformation in the way they grow. The ability to remotely control and monitor the lighting conditions has enabled them to optimize their cultivation process, resulting in healthier and more robust plants while helping them grow not only strategically but efficiently.

At Rugged Roots 10,000 square foot facility, they boast an impressive setup of 50 lights per room for a total of approximately 500 lights, showcasing the scale and precision with which they operate. It is through meticulous attention to detail that Rugged Roots has achieved unparalleled success in their cultivation endeavors. The plants under their care are flourishing like never before and we are excited to be their growing partner on their latest cultivation journey.


Thank you for joining us in this remarkable facility and gaining valuable insights into the power of TSRgrow's advanced LED lighting solutions. To learn more about Rugged Roots, please visit their website at


"Having the ability to create zones within each room using our GROWHub Software has been an absolute game changer for us. The days of having a 'one size fits all' approach to light intensity are over with TSRgrow advanced LED lighting.” - Ryan Richard, Owner, Rugged Roots


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