TSRgrow Expands GROWHub™ A Solution for Smarter Growing

TSRgrow announces the recent expansion of their lighting, power and environmental control and monitoring platform


WARWICK, RI - October 13, 2021


TSRgrow is excited to announce the recent expansion of their lighting, power and environmental control and monitoring platform, GROWHub. GROWHub is a cultivator's autopilot solution that allows you to manage, track and control your cultivation environment. GROWHub provides real time and historical data to help monitor, control and analyze past and present grow cycles. With GROWHub you'll always have the data to be in the KNOW.


GROWHub is the future of horticulture adaptive technology. Incorporating GROWPod sensors throughout the grow room, TSRgrow's GROWHub software can detect fluctuations in temperature, humidity, CO2, and other crucial environmental parameters. Adaptive monitoring allows growers to proactively recognize the development of problems and make necessary adjustments in the grow room. An environmentally conscious system that minimizes resource usage and improves crop health, GROWHub maintains all data and analytics, allowing cultivators to compare past and present grow cycles to optimize production, resource and cost savings.


GROWHub seamlessly integrates TSRgrow's advanced LED lighting with TGHV remote power server technology and environmental monitoring. Growers can create custom light zones for increased control over crop varieties, adjust intensity and monitor power levels in each room within their cultivation facility, and implement calendar-based scheduling for optimal yields and control over plants' grow cycles. Alerts, notes and alarms on variables such as light levels, CO2, temperature, VPD and EC, allow growers to mitigate problems before they become catastrophes while maintaining streamlined operating costs and performance. GMP (General Manufacturing Practice) standards and changing regulations will continue to create uncertainty for long term operations. With GROWHub you can plan for the future and be ready for changing industry regulations all while keeping the records and recipes that will drive profitability, quality and sustainability.

"It's the smartest way to grow," says Gary Arnold, VP of Sales and Marketing at TSRgrow, it's real time and historical data will keep you in peak performance from crop to crop while maintaining GMP tracking and reporting for compliance to SOPs and changing regulations."


To see GROWHub in action, visit TSRgrow at MJBizCon in Las Vegas at Booth C-6232 on October 20th-22nd 2021.


About TSRgrow


TSRgrow is a leading solution provider to the horticulture industry. For over twelve years, this Rhode Island based company has offered horticultural TOTALgrowSolutions, best-in-class advanced LED lighting, and industry support to help cultivators achieve the ideal balance of energy and profitability.

Developed in cooperation with university and industry leaders, TSRgrow's industry leading advanced LED lighting solutions integrate remote power servers and adaptive light monitoring and control software that is engineered to maximize yields and grow the highest quality crops. Lowest cost to operate targets to maximize energy efficiency, using TSRgrow's Lighting as a Platform(LaaP) architecture with remote power servers, environmental monitoring and lighting management solutions.

TSRgrow provides end-to-end consulting and essential support services to cultivators. From site planning, design, HVACD, construction, financing and equipment, TSRgrow does more than design and manufacture advanced LED lighting solutions and adaptive software, they also provide integrated capabilities for a TOTALgrow Solution.


For more information, please contact Gail Farias, Marketing Manager, TSRgrow, at gail.farias@tsrgrow.com


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