TSRgrow Launches GROWHub360 Cultivation Platform at MJBizCon 2022

TSRgrow introduces GROWHub360, an SaaS solution for the cannabis cultivation industry focusing on seed to sale software. GROWHub360 is an all-in-one solution that tracks every stage of the cannabis supply chain and is fully integrated and certified with METRC. GROWHub360 helps facilities manage plants, harvests, packages, sales and transfers together in one comprehensive system built to keep you in compliance with your state.

Designed to scan your inventory by connecting to barcode and RFID readers, GROWHub360 records plant and package weights with Bluetooth scales, and manages your workforce with a complete task management system.


“GROWHub360 further expands TSRgrow’s horticulture solution portfolio and will be the first solution that merges plants, location, tasks, data and METRC,” said Mikhail Sagal, President of TSRgrow.


Coupled with its energy management, advanced LED lighting and microgrid solutions, GROWHub360 will further change the game of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) cultivation.

About TSRgrow


TSRgrow is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of commercial LED lighting with remote power management solutions for indoor and greenhouse growing operations. For over thirteen years, this USA-based company has offered horticultural TOTALgrow™ Solutions, best-in-class LED lighting solutions, and industry support to help cultivators achieve the ideal balance of energy and profitability.


TSRgrow’s industry leading LED lighting solutions have been developed in cooperation with university and industry leaders and are engineered to maximize energy efficiency using their Lighting as a Platform (LaaP) architecture with remote power servers, environmental monitoring and lighting management solutions. TSRgrow also provides consulting and essential support services.


Explore how TSRgrow can add value to your new or existing indoor cannabis facility. Contact TSRgrow today for information about growing solutions that will help with profitable results and energy efficient crop production. Learn more at www.TSRgrow.com.


For more information, please contact Gail Farias, Marketing Manager, TSRgrow, at gail.farias@tsrgrow.com.



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