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Seamless Access to control and Data Storage

Grow Management Solutions


-Create power schedules
-100% Tunable
-Monitor Output


Create custom zones
Fine Tune after data collection to improve yield and efficiency


Humidity- Integrate and control 3rd party equipment

Temperature -  Temp Zoned by room, sector etc.

Water- Control irrigation timers, monitor nutriant levels etc.

Monitor carbon dioxide and control carbon scrubbing

Data Analysis

-create specific data charts with long term and short term comparisons


Real Time Monitoring and Notifications via e-mail, SMS text and in-house alerts.


Automate your system based on collected data from previous grows to increase yield and peace of mind.


-Centralized location of control increase ease of access and maintenance

Zone Control

Control every aspect of your grow from the cloud, remote access or on-site.

Light Analysis

Because TSR is a start to finish solution, we can optimize your control interface in a simple, customized way, designed around how you think.

Specializing in LED technology


Ideal for Green House and Indoor Grow Applications

High efficiency, Cost Effective

Tunable power to meet DLI needs

Full Spectrum

Zone, Local and Cloud Control

Removes heat from growing area


Ideal for Indoor Grow Applications

75- 150 W Tunable Power

Tunable power to meet DLI needs

Full Plant, White Light, Full Spectrum

Zone, Local and Cloud Control

Remote Ballasts


Ideal for Vertical Grow Applications

Perfect for Clones, early Veg, and leafy greens

Tunable power to meet DLI needs

Full Plant, White Light, Full Spectrum

Zone, Local and Cloud Control

Remote Ballasts

Grow Light Solutions

Grow Environment Solutions

Integrated System Management

Automated Temperature Control

Passive cooling and Remote Power Drive technology reduces need for HVAC

Integrate HVAC and automate control of ventilation

Available with COGEN (CHP)

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Third Party Carbon Dioxide Control

Integrate CO2 control with Total Grow Sensors

Track changes to create automation

3rd Party Humidity Control Integration

-Automated Humidity Control
-Zero discharged/zero make-up water
-Eliminate Mold and Mildew

Automated Light Control

Control up to 160 specific fixtures

Auto Dim at Temperature Limit

Compatible with any 0-10 V industry standard system to integrate existing equipment

Irrigation, HVAC, CO2 integration

Simultaneously get readings, make comparisons and automatically compensate for irregularities, then record the event.

Power Solutions for Growing

Advantages of the
TG-Power series

Highly Efficient. 94%, for higher Crop Yields

Located Outside grow rooms, lowers cooling needs and costs

Cost Effective and Scallable

High Voltage

Build a financial model on consistent production and quality with higher efficiency and output, and lower overhead.

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TG-power supplies simplify energy needs

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Vertical Grow Solutions

Indoor Grow Solutions

Green House Solutions

defining the


of grow technology

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