New Membership with Resource Innovation Institute

TSRgrow announces membership with Resource Innovation Institute to accelerate resource efficiency in cannabis cultivation




TSRgrow, a horticulture solutions provider, is proud to announce their new membership with Resource Innovation Institute (RII) as part of their Technical Advisory Council's new Controls Working Group. This exciting opportunity highlights TSRgrow's emergence as a leader in resource efficient cannabis cultivation practices and will help provide growers with increased profitability while conserving energy and reducing environmental footprint.

Through this membership, TSRgrow and RII will work in a combined effort to collaborate with organizations to enhance cannabis cultivation in controlled environment agriculture. By adopting the combined benefits, indoor grow operations can conserve resources while effectively meeting profit and sustainability goals. RII will work with TSRgrow and collaborate with other key industry stakeholders for a consistent and effective framework for resource efficiency. RII will also ensure the marketplace is well-served with aligned standards and best practices allowing for overall success in the industry.

"Our membership with RII, and the Technical Advisory Council's new Controls Working Group will better enable us to help deliver the ultimate sustainable TOTALgrow, solution to growers. RII's resources will also enable us to be at the forefront of the latest industry innovations"; said Mikhail Sagal, President.

About TSRgrow

TSRgrow is an industry-leading cultivation designer and manufacturer of commercial LED lighting with remote power management solutions for indoor and greenhouse growing operations. For over twelve years, this USA-based company has offered horticultural TOTALgrow Solutions, best-in-class LED lighting systems, and industry support to help cultivators achieve the ideal balance of energy and profitability.

TSRgrow's industry leading LED lighting solutions have been developed in cooperation with university and industry leaders and are engineered to maximize energy efficiency using their Lighting as a Platform (LaaP) architecture with remote power servers, environmental monitoring and lighting management solutions. TSRgrow also provides consulting and essential support services.




TSRgrow Member of Resource Innovation Institute

About Resource Innovation Institute

Resource Innovation Institute (RII) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance resource efficiency to cultivate a better cannabis future. Founded in 2016 in Portland, OR, USA, RII's Board of Directors includes the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), a former board member of the US Green Building Council and leading cannabis industry players. Its Cannabis PowerScore benchmarking platform represents the world's largest dataset on cannabis energy use. RII's Technical Advisory Council is the leading multi-disciplinary body assessing the environmental impacts and best practices associated with cultivation resource issues. RII's Efficient Yields cultivation workshops are the only grower-led, non-commercial venues for the exchange of resource efficient cultivation best practices. RII is funded by utilities, foundations, governments and industry leaders. Visit their website at

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