Grow Sessions Named in Top 20 Best Cannabis Cultivation Podcasts of 2021

We've Been Nominated


WARWICK, RI - MAY 18, 2021


With just three live episodes, TSRgrow's new podcast Grow Sessions has already been creating a buzz! We were just nominated as one of the Top 20 Best Cannabis Cultivation Podcasts of 2021 by CBDevious.

We’re excited to be spreading the word about the cannabis cultivation industry and happy that Grow Sessions is getting the attention it deserves. If you haven’t heard about Grow Sessions yet, make sure to check out our latest episode entitled, “Cultivation Design for Success,” with special guest expert Tenay Kham, Head of Products at Operation Grow, LLC. In this episode, Tony Pavlakis and Tenay discuss general philosophies and requirements unique to cannabis cultivation, methods and SOP strategies that work and general costs associated with starting a cultivation facility. These are just a few of the topics in this fun and educational episode.

We hope you take the time to subscribe to our podcast and learn more about this exciting industry. Grow Sessions, ( ), is a space where commercial cultivators and horticulture enthusiasts can visit with industry experts as they share their wisdom, knowledge and experience to help growers navigate through the new and ever-changing cannabis industry. It is geared towards the cannabis industry but welcomes everyone interested in horticulture that grows indoors in CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) to join in the fun.

Tune in with our industry experts as we discuss subjects like lighting, pest management, nutrients, environmental management, facility design, common growing mistakes and many other subjects at the heart of cultivation.

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TSRgrow is an industry-leading full service designer and manufacturer of commercial horticulture LED lighting systems for indoor and greenhouse growing operations. Founded over twelve years ago, this USA-based company offers horticultural TOTALgrow Solutions, best-in-class LED lighting systems, and industry support to help cultivators achieve the ideal balance of yield, energy and profitability.


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Cannabis Facility Design for Long-Term Scalability

As the legalization and practical uses of cannabis expand globally, the demand for high-quality medical and recreational cannabis related products is increasing rapidly. As a result the sophistication required to produce the best, safest and most competitive products is evolving.

Powering Your Horicultural LED Lighting System

Powering Your Horticultural LED Lighting System

Energy costs to power your indoor horticulture lighting and maintain ideal environmental conditions can be excessive without proper control. Installing Remote Power Servers to monitor and manage lights and sensors in your grow will significantly help affect your margins.


Cannabis Grower Energy Rebates for LED Lighting System

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