TOTALgrow Solution

TSRgrow TOTALgrow Solution™ is an intelligent growth management platform engineered to maximize productivity and reduce costs in the indoor, vertical and commercial greenhouse cultivation environments.


TOTALgrow Solution takes a holistic approach to plant growth optimization, equipping growers with a seamless turnkey solution for managing everything in the growing environment to achieve maximum growth at the lowest operational cost.


The components of the TOTALgrow Solution platform include:


How it Works

TSRgrow’s TOTALgrow Solution goes beyond lighting to combine the most essential components of a successful grow: lighting, power, environmental control, and data management. It allows growers to reduce operating costs while increasing overall production..

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Lighting Solutions
Advanced LED Lighting Solutions
Integrated Lighting Solutions
Fully Integrated Lighting

Experience fully integrated lighting at its best with our remote powered LED lights. Designed specifically for greenhouse and closed-room growing and cultivation, our full spectrum lighting provides the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

Data Management
Data Management
Real-Time Analytical Data

Elevate your grow game with TOTALgrow Solution - the ultimate management and monitoring system right at your fingertips. Experience real-time analytical data like never before with customizable software tailored to all your growing applications.

Power Solutions
Power Solutions
Remote Power Solutions
Remote Power Servers

Our Remote Power Servers offer an unparalleled solution to lighting control. With intelligent power management and distributed control, the need for on-fixture drivers and ballasts is eliminated, providing a more streamlined and efficient solution for your lighting needs.

Environment Solutions
Environment Solutions
Environmental Monitoring

With our environmental monitoring and control system, we help you manage dew point, eliminate mold, and reduce costs. Our TOTALgrow Solution is designed with eco-consciousness in mind, ensuring minimal resource usage while improving crop health.