TSRgrow Unveils HarvestPRO Cannabis Cultivation Container

The HarvestPRO Cannabis Cultivation Container, The All-in-One Solution for Cultivation Success


TSRgrow, a leading innovator in cannabis cultivation technology, proudly announces the launch of HarvestPRO, a game-changing, all-inclusive container solution designed to transform the landscape of cannabis cultivation. With a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and scalability, HarvestPRO provides a turnkey solution for businesses looking to kickstart their cannabis ventures.


HarvestPRO container is a comprehensive solution that equips growers with everything needed to thrive in the competitive cannabis market.  Collaborating with top industry partners to deliver a time-tested container solution that stands out in today's market, this groundbreaking package includes cutting-edge features such as advanced LED lighting with remote power technology, tables, HVAC and dehumidification, environmental monitoring, fertigation and TSRgrow's exclusive GROWHub cultivation software. With HarvestPRO, businesses can jumpstart their cultivation journey and achieve maximum return on investment in just 12 weeks.



Built on decades of cultivation experience, HarvestPRO cultivation containers boast state-of-the-art technology to create the optimal environment for cannabis plants. Effortlessly control lighting, temperature, fertigation and humidity to ensure crops reach their full potential.



Avoid the guesswork and dive into cultivation with confidence using our turnkey solution. Whether a seasoned grower or new to the cannabis market, HarvestPRO  is user-friendly and backed by TSRgrow's best-in-class customer support. A cultivation’s dedicated partner, TSRgrow ensures success from day one.



HarvestPRO empowers cultivators to take control of their cannabis business with containers that go where you go and grows as you do. In the new and dynamic EU cannabis market, our transportable containers are easily scalable to accommodate growing business needs.



TSRgrow’s 24/7 remote monitoring ensures constant support, and our team of seasoned veterans, with decades of industry experience, give growers and owners the peace of mind they need. "HarvestPRO is a game-changer for cannabis cultivators, offering a turnkey solution that combines cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and unparalleled support," said Mikhail Sagal, President at TSRgrow. "We believe that HarvestPRO will revolutionize the way businesses approach cannabis cultivation, particularly in the emerging EU market, providing the tools needed to thrive in this rapidly evolving industry."


For more information about HarvestPRO and how growers can kickstart their cannabis business today, visit www.TSRgrow.com



About TSRgrow:


TSRgrow is a leading provider of innovative solutions for cannabis cultivation. With a commitment to excellence, TSRgrow empowers businesses with state-of-the-art growing technology, comprehensive support and turnkey solutions to help thrive in the ever-evolving global cannabis market.


Press Contact:

Gail Farias
Marketing Manager @ TSRgrow



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