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Our Container Produces 150 kg of Flower Per Year



Unlock the future of cannabis cultivation with our comprehensive container that comes fully equipped with everything you need to jumpstart your venture. Our TOTALgrow package includes LED lighting with remote power technology, tables, HVAC, environmental monitoring and our exclusive cultivation software to ensure you’re producing at your maximum ROI.



Based on our decades of cultivation experience, our containers are designed with cutting-edge technology to provide the optimal environment for your cannabis plants. Control lighting, temperature, and humidity with ease, ensuring your crops reach their full potential.



Skip the guesswork and jump straight into cultivation with our turnkey solution. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just entering the cannabis market, our container is user-friendly and comes backed by TSRgrow’s best-in-class customer support. With headquarters in the EU, TSRgrow is more than a vendor, we’re a partner that’s vested in your success!



Take control of your cannabis business with a container that goes where you go and grows when you do! The EU cannabis market is rapidly changing, our containers are transportable and as your business grows, easily scalable! Start today and when the time is right TSRgrow can adapt our suite of solutions for your business needs.



TSRgrow has partnered with the top vendors in the industry to supply a container solution that is time tested and in the market today.  While our software always informs you of any cultivation issues directly, TSRgrow also monitors your container 24/7 from our remote customer service headquarters. You can depend on our team of seasoned veterans, with decades of industry experience to ensure the success of your business.

Cannabis Cultivation Container Specifications


6m or 12m Length x 2.9m Height, New ISO Containers

Polyurethane Epoxy White Paint Exterior

Urethane Insulation (Walls, Ceiling & Underfloor)

Class A Fire Rated interior PVC Panels

Steel Man Door with Push Bar & Lock

Poly Urea Nonslip Floor / Class A Fire Rated

Advanced LED Lighting Powered with Remote Power Servers

100/200 Amp Electrical Panel

Engineered HVAC System (Temperature & Dehumidification)

Steel Man Door with Push Bar & Lock

Engineered Electrical Infrastructure

Exhaust & Intake System (HEPA filtered intake)

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