Proven Strategies to Increase Profitability and Uncover the Essential Steps Needed to Achieve Long-Term Success

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Webinar Panel TSRgrow New

Mikhail Sagal, President, TSRgrow

Zachary Taylor, GM of Cultivation, Bountiful Farm

Jeff Lair, Director of Architecture & Engineering, DAG CEA Facilities

Mark Doherty, Chief Operating Officer, Dual Draft



Greg Dunaway, Maple Creek Consulting


In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, the pursuit of profit can take a backseat to the challenges of cultivation, regulations, taxes and compliance. While increasing yield is often the ultimate goal, it's important to recognize that there are alternative strategies to boost profits and factors that should be considered from the start of your cultivation journey.


With wholesale prices plummeting and only 24% of cultivators showing a profit, the significance of increasing profit margins has become even more important. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to instantly make a cultivation business more profitable. However, these industry experts have uncovered several tried-and-tested tactics that can make a significant difference.


Join us as we bring together some of the leading figures in the industry to dive deep into this vital topic. Panelists include Mikhail Sagal, TSRgrow, Jeff Lair, DAG CEA Facilities, Mark Doherty, Dual Draft, and Zachary Taylor, Bountiful Farms to give us a cultivators perspective. Join this great team and our moderator, Greg Dunaway, Maple Creek Consulting. Together, we will explore avenues to enhance profitability and uncover what cultivators can do to thrive.


Some key points include:


- Selecting the ideal site and building the right facility

- Utilizing CEA data and control techniques

- Choosing equipment that performs optimally

- Implementing automation and efficiency measures

- Managing energy costs and maximizing productivity

- Developing SOPs and adhering to GMPs


Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned pro, this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss. Join us and tap into the wisdom of these industry experts, who have years of experience building profitable facilities. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge needed to be among the 24% of cultivators successfully navigating this challenging market and succeeding!

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