Stay in the know with GROWHub our customizable dashboard that tracks the data you need for your grow. From fertigation to employee scheduling, grow smarter and manage the business of growing.

GROWHub Software

The TSRgrow GrowHub dashboard is the ultimate tool for scaling your commercial growing operation. User-friendly and completely customizable, GrowHub monitors every aspect of your grow -- from VPD and nutrient BPM to the exact timing and intensity of your TSRgrow LED light fixtures.

GROWHub Enviroment Monitoring Software

Be in the Know from Grow to Grow!

  • + Receive notifications and alerts

  • + Cloud-based system for access anytime

  • + Monitor grow with video in real-time

  • + Data logging and analysis tools

  • + Calendar-based scheduling

  • + Control any compatible light fixture


GrowHub allows you complete control over all of your light's characteristics. This level of lighting precision empowers you to achieve specific lighting requirements by crop type and growth stage to produce the quality and yield you need.

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  • Cloud-based system for monitoring anytime, anywhere
  • Data logging and analysis 
  • Real time monitoring and notifications with photo updates
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Calendar based scheduling
  • See status overview and alerts for all your zones in one place.
  • Store historical data of past and present grow cycles
Data Monitoring
  • Control any compatible light fixture
  • Make automation decisions based on data
  • Not internet dependent, will continue to operate
  • Operate in the appropriate range for optimal growth
Data Monitoring

Ready to take your business to the next level? TSRgrow's Seed to Sale dashboard is built to manage the business of growing. Sitting alongside our TSRgrow GrowHub dashboard, Seed to Sale streamlines day-to-day operations. 


  • Tracks everything from team schedules and supplies to waste and trimming ratios
  • Creates tickets and alerts team members to complete their individual tasks.
  • Fully customizable 

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