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LED lighting is the best and most efficient solution for your indoor greenhouse grow.

Using remote high voltage DC driver technology, TSRgrow's LED lighting solutions deliver 100% tunable power for precise DLI control, resulting in outstanding quality and yield every grow cycle!


Best suited for large canopies, the TG-600HVR delivers optimal growing spectrum for plants to thrive. Featuring 100% tunable power to meet daily light integral (DLI) needs, the TG-600HVR emits up to 600W and 1375 μmol/s of full-spectrum light to provide a versatile growing solution for indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

  • Remote Ballast/Driver
  • Removes Heat from Growing Area
  • Plug'n Play Replacement - no more sky hooks for driver maintenance
  • Tunable Power to Meet DLI Needs (TLI)
  • Ideal for High DLI Crops Such as Cannabis
  • Centralized Trouble Shooting and Maintenance
  • Cost Effective and High Efficiency
  • Full Spectrum
  • Zone, Local, and Cloud Control
Efficacy 2.4 µmol/J @ 277VAC
PPF 1564 µmol/s
Input Power 642W @ 277 VAC
Input Voltage 100-277 VAC
Weight - Bar/Fixture 14 lbs.
Thermal Management Passive
Dimming 0-10 V
Max Ambient Temperature 45 º C
Power Factor >0.96
Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
THD >10%
Lifetime L90: >50,000 hrs.
Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty
Certifications UL8800, UL1598
  • Spectrum Full Plant (FP, WL)
  • Flower Power Spectrum
TG600-HVR White Lightening Spectrum


  • Height: 4 inches
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Length: 46 inches
TG-600HVR LED Lighting


TG600-HVR LED Lighting


Best suited for large canopies, the TG-1000HVR delivers optimal growing spectrum for plants to thrive. Featuring 100% tunable power to meet daily light integral (DLI) needs, the TG-1000HVR emits up to 1000W and 2750 μmol/s of full-spectrum light to provide a versatile growing solution for indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

  • Remote Ballast/Driver          
  • Removes Heat from Growing Area         
  • Plug'n Play Replacement                
  • Tunable Power to Meet DLI Needs (TLI)         
  • Ideal for High DLI Crops Such as Cannabis
  • Centralized Troubleshooting and Maintenance       
  • Cost Effective and High Efficiency         
  • Full Spectrum
  • Zone, Local, and Cloud Control
PPF up to 2400 umol/s
Tunable Power 0-1000W
Voltage HVDC
Weight 18 lbs.
Efficacy 2.4 umol/J
Dimming 0-100%
Operating Temp -20C to 40C
Thermal Management Passive
Ballast Remote
Spectrum Full Plant (WL)
Heat Output 3412 BTU/hr
Warranty 3 - 5 years
  • Spectrum: Full Plant (WL / WL3)
  • Dual Peak at 480 and 600nm
TG1000 HVR Lighting Spectrum



  • Height: 5.8 inches
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Length: 46 inches
TG1000-HVR LED Lighting



Decoupling lighting from power for a sustainable and cost-efficient growing solution.

Using remote power servers, we eliminate the need for traditional on-fixture ballasts - removing heat from the grow, lowering costs, and providing a centralized control hub for all growing operations.

TGHV Remote Power Servers


Integral to any professional growing operation, the TGHV Remote Power Servers act as a centralized control hub for monitoring and management of all lights and sensors while eliminating additional in-room dimming wire and control installation costs. Remotely located from the grow, TGHV power servers provide easy-access Plug n' Play local maintenance while removing up to 15% of heat from the grow area, saving significant capital investment on HVAC.


Using Solar or Cogeneration?

Using solar or cogeneration for your grow? TOTALgrow Solution is designed to integrate with any power system. Learn more.

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Stay in the know with GrowHub our customizable dashboard that tracks the data you need for your grow. From fertigation to employee scheduling, grow smarter and manage the business of growing.



The TSRgrow GrowHub™ dashboard is the ultimate tool for scaling your commercial growing operation. User-friendly and completely customizable, GrowHub monitors every aspect of your grow -- from VPD and nutrient BPM to the exact timing and intensity of your TSRgrow LED fixtures.


Grow Smarter

  • +Receive notifications and alerts

    +Cloud-based system for access anytime

    +Monitor grow with video in real-time

  • +Data logging and analysis tools

    +Calendar-based scheduling

    +Control any compatible light fixture

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TSRgrow GrowHub

GrowHub allows you complete control over all of your light's characteristics. This level of lighting precision empowers you to achieve specific lighting requirements by crop type and growth stage to produce the quality and yield you need.

  • Cloud-based system for monitoring anytime, anywhere
  • Data logging and analysis 
  • Real time monitoring and notifications with photo updates
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Calendar based scheduling
  • See status overview and alerts for all your zones in one place.
  • Store historical data of past and present grow cycles
  • Control any compatible light fixture
  • Make automation decisions based on data
  • Not internet dependent, will continue to operate
  • Operate in the appropriate range for optimal growth

Ready to take your business to the next level? TSRgrow's Seed to Sale dashboard is built to manage the business of growing. Sitting alongside our TSRgrow GrowHub dashboard, Seed to Sale streamlines day-to-day operations. 


  • Tracks everything from team schedules and supplies to waste and trimming ratios
  • Creates tickets and alerts team members to complete their individual tasks.
  • Fully customizable 



Monitor and control your grow for peak performance

With our master recipe and adaptive controls, we right size growing to achieve the perfect conditions for your crop and keep you on production targets.

Growing in the Right Environment

Zero emission and water neutral environment management is delivered by TSRgrow TOTALgrow Solution. Redundant units is a mission critical design in demanding quality plant yield so design it right, operate at the highest efficiency and have the support plan for continuous operation with TSRgrow.





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Integrated Growing

Better quality and higher yields, ensuring growing success from grow cycle to grow cycle



High accuracy sensors and wireless communication effortlessly gather and send meaningful data, allowing you to manage different growing zones.


Control vital systems like your grow's lighting, C02 and HVAC to keep your grow operating at its best while keeping installation costs and CAPx costs low.


See the ins and outs of your grow with anyalitical data in real-time for all growing zones, keeping you in the know from grow cycle to grow cycle.

Ask us about our Data Solutions

With years of growing experience under our belt and a team of knowledable growing experts, we are dedicated to ensuring your grow has the right environment. going beyond lighting.

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