Rebates and Incentives for TSRgrow LED Lights!


Utilities are taking proactive measures to incentivize energy-efficient lighting for horticultural applications, saving cultivators money while conserving energy for all.

Utilities usually qualify horticultural lighting incentives under their custom energy efficiency incentive programs. Each program has specific prerequisites and qualification criteria depending on the lighting project.

If your incentive application is approved, payment comes in the form of a utility bill credit or check. TSRgrow works closely with many utilities and has successfully helped many of our growers procure millions of dollars of incentives to offset capital costs of our TSRgrow LED lighting solutions. Many times these incentives cover incremental installation and other costs. TSRgrow Lighting as a Platform™ (LaaP™) provides real-time monitoring of efficiency gains and can increase incentives even further through its GROWHub™ monitoring and control algorithms.


TSRgrow rebate specialists are committed to helping our licensed cultivators navigate the energy rebate and incentive process - to maximize savings on TSRgrow solutions. It is important to review each incentive opportunity carefully.

Rebate Incentives and Support Services


Applying for energy rebates and incentives for your facility can be time-consuming and confusing. Small omissions can mean tens of thousands of dollars in rebate incentives left on the table. The growing specialists at TSRgrow are available to help you leverage available financing incentives while helping you to receive the best energy-efficient equipment at the same time. Let us help you advocate for larger rebates and help identify all applicable savings.


On-bill financing is another great way to reduce capital expenditures on equipment. TSRgrow works with its cultivators and customers to negotiate and secure reduced energy supply rates along with on-bill financing for all growing equipment. This saves significant $$ in CAPX spending, moving the cost to on-bill financing.


TSRgrow is committed to helping our licensed growers navigate the energy rebate process to save on TSRgrow products throughout North America.

How Rebates Work

Apply Before You Buy!
Most energy rebates require pre-approval. Engaging with a TSRgrow growing specialist early in the design process can ensure you obtain proper approval while maximizing your potential for rebates and incentives.

Purchase Your Equipment
Once your rebates have been approved, equip your growing facility with qualifying TSRgrow LED lighting solutions.

Get Support From a Growing Specialist
Let us help manage the application process and answer any questions about rebates and incentives.

Receive Big Savings
Rebates are typically paid 45 days after initial installation and paperwork and can range from 10-50% of the cost of your project. These incentives are in addition to the energy savings on your new energy efficient TSRgrow LED lighting solutions.

Let's Get Started

TSRgrow is excited to help you find the right lighting solution for your facility, while helping you save on your investment. Request a complimentary rebate consultation by filling out the form below.

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