Decoupling lighting from power for a sustainable and cost-efficient growing solution.

Using remote power servers, we eliminate the need for traditional on-fixture ballasts - removing heat from the grow, lowering costs, and providing a centralized control hub for all growing operations.


Centralized Power, Designed for Long Term Sustainability in Commercial Horticulture

TSRgrow has revolutionized horticulture lighting with its TGHV Remote Power Servers. Remotely located, all driver heat is eliminated from the grow area, reducing HVAC needs while providing a central location for monitoring, control and maintenance of growing operations.

Directly powered by 480VAC or regulated DC, it is the most efficient power system in the industry. TGHV Remote Power Servers eliminate the need for secondary dimming wires for precise DLI & PPFD control. TSRgrow Remote Power Servers can be integrated into all power and utility models. This integrated software helps precisely monitor and control the power and lighting in all regions of your grow. Designed with sustainability in mind, TSRgrow Remote Power Servers are compatible with Cogen, Solar, Battery Storage, and are Micro-Grid ready.




TGHV Remote Power Server

Benefits and features for large scale cultivation

Scalable Power

Modularly add, remove, change or scale power.


Lighting, power, environment -- always in the know.

Integrated Controls

Built-in controls, demand response ready and eliminate 3rd party software.

Distributed Power

Eliminate on-fixture ballast by locating outside the grow area.

Solar and Cogen

Integration with solar, battery, cogen and gas for peak demand reduction.

Tunable Power

100% tunability for customized settings and CAPx reduction.

Centralized Maintenance

Centralized operation and maintenance outside the grow

Adaptive Decisions

Master recipe for high yields.

Plug n’ Play

Simplify installation and access for lower costs.


Using Solar or Cogeneration?

Using solar or cogeneration for your grow? TOTALgrow Solution is designed to integrate with any power system.

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