Wireless Sensor Technology

Monitor micro climates, soil health, light levels and more with TSRgrow's wireless sensors.  Take crop steering to the next level by combining GROWHub zone and recipe scheduling with wireless sensors for a true closed loop growing experience.  


Alerts, notifications and data reports for each room, zone and strain being grown - our proprietary software connects lighting controls and sensors, all managed through our GROWHub software's centralized dashboard. Our platform allows for integration of various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and soil, so that you can monitor every aspect of your grow room's environment from your dashboard. Trust TSRgrow to provide a reliable and efficient solution for all your grow facility needs.


Take scheduling and recipe control to the next level as well by monitoring and controlling each group of TSRgrow light fixtures with our user-friendly GROWHub control system. Manage the lighting intensity and scheduling of thousands of light fixtures from one central platform, accessible from anywhere. With remote configuration and control through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you can manage lighting and dimming profiles, create recipes, schedules, alerts, notifications and closed loop response from integrated wireless sensors from anywhere in the world.


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